Shared Universe Foundation Fundraising Dinner

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After the success of the Shared Universe Foundation fundraising dinner held at Warriors, Mapesu Private game reserve have broken ground on the foundations for their rhino orphanage. Each day brings them closer to their goal and they will shortly be looking after their 1st orphaned Rhino. Shared Universe Foundation will be hosting their 2nd fundraiser at Casalinga Restaurant in Honeydew. Please support this worthy cause.

SUF Fundraising dinner and auction
SUF Fundraising dinner and auction

What next for class of 2015

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As the 2015 academic year comes to a rapid end, do you find yourself wondering about life after school for your children?  University, Tech, Hotel Schools, Field Guiding, Sports Academies, etc. The list is long and the choices difficult and I bet there are some anxious moments and taxing conversations about what to do and where to go.

However, at the end of the day, whatever choice is made, it must be able to offer real value and to help give clear direction to a future your child is going to embrace.

I think it’s important to understand that if one can’t figure out the future, then perhaps one needs a more innovative approach to the challenge? Perhaps the answer is not to focus too intently on trying to predict an uncertain future and a place in it?

Perhaps one should focus on what your child can do right now that will be good and valuable no matter what the future brings. Make things happen. Build things. Learn skills. Smell the flowers, count the stars, Go on adventures. Make friends. Discover an inner strength and hidden aptitudes. These things will help in any future.

I have recently returned from a visit to the UK to explore the global GAP market and to evaluate what other providers are offering and quite evidently Warriors is a leader in its field.

In this regard, Warriors has come up with something quite unique, the key is not doing anything different but doing more of it…providing young people with the edge on a future with promise and potential.  With so many Gap Year programs around offering different and wonderful opportunities, Warriors is bundling in as much as they can into their lineup – providing a blast to the system and segmenting themselves away from the hybrid gap year offerings.

We are really passionate about equipping young men and women with the skills and life experiences they need to succeed at university, in a career, in life and to create the environment for personal and professional growth.

For more information on the Warriors Gap Year program and Outdoor Pursuits program contact Brian,

Encouraging words to help during exam time

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If you are living in a household where your child is preparing for end of year exams, stress levels can be very high. Here are a few encouraging words and phrases for parents to use,  to help ease the pressure.

List of Encouraging Words and Phrases

Encouraging words can be as simple as, “Thanks for your help!” or “You really worked hard!” Here are a few more examples to try around your house:

Thank you for your help!

You should be proud of yourself!

Look at your improvement!

That “A” reflects a lot of hard work!

You worked really hard to get this room clean!

Thanks for helping set the table, which made a big difference.

I noticed you were really patient with your little brother.

What do you think about it?

You seem to really enjoy science.

Your hard work paid off!

That’s a tough one, but you’ll figure it out.

Look how far you’ve come!

I trust your judgment.

The time you’re putting into your homework is really paying off.

I love being with you.

You really put a smile on her face with your kind words!

That’s coming along nicely!

You really worked it out!

That’s a very good observation.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I see a very thorough job!

That’s what we call perseverance!

I can tell you really care.

You make it look easy!

You’ve really got the hang of it!

I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking this through.

I really feel like a team when we work like this!

Teaching entrepreneurial skills and keeping a positive online presence

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Entrepreneurial skills

Traits of an Entrepreneur
Traits of an Entrepreneur

One of the life skills we teach our students at Warriors Academy is entrepreneurial skills. Yes accounting, bookkeeping, business economics are part of the syllabus at schools but is it enough to help them start up and run a successful business. Looking at the key traits of a successful entrepreneur those skills can not be taught at school but instead learnt through practical experiences and workshops.

5  skills every successful entrepreneur must learn are:

  • Communication – Clear communication with employees and customers is vitally important.
  • Branding – Creating a business brand or personal brand is essential and starts with social media. Ensure that your content is  what your prospective clients want and also creates a positive image.
  • Sales – If you run a business you are a salesman, every time you talk about your company you are selling your product or service.
  • Strategy – Look at where you want your business to be in 5 years time so that you do not loose sight of the bigger picture when caught up in the now.
  • Finance – Having a basic knowledge of your company figures will give you confidence in future decisions you make.

Below is an article on how we as parents can help our children live an independent life after finishing school.

Teaching Entrepreneurial skills at home

Positive online presence
Positive online presence

Social Media

In todays digital world social media can make or break your career or new business venture. Most students will have a Facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social media account, how many of these students know that prospective employers will look at these profiles after an interview and base their answer on what they find, so you could potentially loose a job offer if your prospective employer finds something they do not like on your social media pages. The same will apply to prospective customers, if you have started your own business, they may buy your product, or use your service based on what they see on your social media pages. Teaching students about keeping their social media sites clean is vitally important in todays digital world.

Below is a article I found on how to create a positive online presence.

Creating a positive online presence.

After completing a year at Warriors Academy students are equipped with skills and knowledge that will stand out on job and university applications. By taking our students through a series of workshops and physical activities we help prepare them for  adult life.

Must read articles related to this topic:

Interesting article about what students would like Universities to teach them, backs up what Warriors Academy are teaching our students.

A must read article, backs up creating a positive online presence, Breaking Bad Social Media Behaviors Not Safe For Personal Branding

How to survive High School

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Ah, High School… that age old nemesis. That cruel mistress who we must all defeat in order to enter into “adulthood” and officially climb onto the ladder that leads to “freedom”. It would appear that nothing short of superpowers could help us get through the turmoil that is teenage-hood, but alas we do not have that luxury. For those of you who simply wish to get by unscathed and in more or less one piece, read on as I share with you the top ten tips for surviving your high school experience.

How to survive high school
How to survive high school

1. Take Your Studies Seriously

Let us get this pesky piece of advice out of the way first. We know the very idea of surviving high school while maintaining good grades appears to be an insurmountable task, yet it can in fact be done. Yes, you may well have to endure unduly trials and tribulations on a daily basis, what with spots and the sudden onset of your raging hormones, but you still need to realize that in order for you to escape the clutches of high school you have to actually pass high school.
When it comes to homework, tests and exams… Study. Do your work. Prepare. Find a ‘study buddy’ (one that is not too good looking as you need to remain focused) and put in the hours as it is essentially your ticket out of the crazy universe that is high school. Remember that although you may not know what you want to do with your life just yet, and there is nothing wrong with that, you want as many options as you can get. Some of us only realize in our late twenties, or thirties even, what our passion truly is and would it not be nice to have the freedom of choice when that time comes.

2. Choose Your Friend Group Wisely

We all inherently wish to be part of the “popular” group in high school, but is it really that important? Will it make that much of a difference to hang around with the ‘cool kids’? Ask yourself this: would you rather spend time with a bunch of people who have to constantly keep up with everything that is happening or would you rather spend time with others who get your quirky sense of humour and who you can open up to when you need to talk? Don’t get us wrong, we are not ‘slamming’ the popular kids, we are merely pointing out that by entering into this group you will endure a lot more pressure as you will have to continuously conform to a group’s opinion and manner of doing things. Yes, it may be fun to have parties to go to every single weekend, but do you really wish to survive in a “herd” with drama each day? Why not spend time with those who will not force you to be anything other than yourself? Take the time to approach those who perhaps do not look so ‘cool’, they might bring you the most happiness and stability throughout your teenage years.

Keep calm
Keep calm

3. Grow Your own Self-confidence

It is an extremely difficult task to find out who you are in your teenage years and we all go through various phases in order to realise this. Most of us look back on high school and cringe at that “trendy” hairstyle we just had to have or that obscene pair of pants we insisted on wearing everywhere we went. But, that is a crucial part of discovering yourself. You need to be less critical and be more kind to YOU. Rather than looking to others for approval, take a good look at yourself and actually see your positive attributes. True self-confidence comes from within and you deserve to feel good about yourself, even if you have to fake it a little at first. Those of us who turn to our peers to feel good about ourselves, never do. And those of us who make the effort to like ourselves and acknowledge our strengths, leave high school with a much better sense of self.

4. Listen to Your Parents (occasionally)

The above heading alone will make some of you want to stop reading, but wait a minute! Bear with us as we share with you a little secret that may provide you with the guidance you need at a critical time. This may sound utterly ridiculous, but that old fossil you call ‘mom’ has in fact been where you have been. She too, has been heartbroken, moody, unhappy, stressed and felt like her world is ending on a daily basis. It is rather sad that the majority of us only become ‘friends’ with our parents in our adult years, while our teenage experience is filled with outbursts of “you don’t understand!” Sound familiar? Take a minute and consider the old battle axe for who she is: a person. Someone who has walked the path you are currently on and survived it.
Our parents may not know exactly what we are dealing with, but we guarantee you they will be able to advise. You do not have to follow their direction on every little issue. You need to discover things on your own as well. You have to make mistakes and learn from them in order to grow. However, when you are in the midst of a great struggle perhaps you should sit down with your mom or dad and just let your emotions out. Apart from the benefit of a sound board to vent to, they may surprise you with a sense of understanding that you cannot always get from your friends.

5. Learn to Prioritize and Make “Me” Time

Amongst all the homework, extra curricular activities, tests and exams as well as the social events you have to attend, it often appears virtually impossible to get a decent night’s sleep, let alone have time to relax. Many of us work exceptionally hard at high school and try to maintain an all round balance, but we simply cannot always burn the candle at both ends. Yes, you have projects due and on top of that your mother keeps insisting that you tidy your room, when you know that your disorganised mess is actually part of an intricate system that you have been perfecting for years. We have so many issues to deal with on a daily basis and as you grow older you are forced to take on more responsibilities, but you have to also make time for yourself. You need to breathe in order to cope with life and the trauma that comes with being a teenager. Grab a pen right now and underline this sentence to show your mom next time she is on your back: You need time to chill out and be a teenager. You have a lot to do, but half an hour spent watching your favourite sitcom will provide you with the sense of calm you need in order to sustain that healthy balance.

6. Keep the End Goal in Mind

When you are in the middle of one of those unbearable periods in your life where you feel there is just no way to get through what you are currently suffering, take a minute. Step back and look at your problem for what it is. Whether you are facing a huge concern or a small one, such as your clothes suddenly feeling way too tight today, keep one thing in mind: you will get through this. You will come out on the other side. You may feel as if there is no solution and no reason to even get out of bed the next day, however, you need to realise that this is merely part of the right of passage that you have to experience while growing up. There is in fact that age old light at the end of the tunnel. There is a life after high school and it’s a pretty good one too. When you are caught right in the middle of the vortex that is a teenage crisis, take a breather and remind yourself that the issue you are having can be fixed and you will get through these tough years.

Survive High School
Survive High School

7. Control those Hormones (it’s possible!)

You would think that at the ripe old age of 26 I would no longer have to deal with such atrocities as spots. Nope. From time to time I wake up and have a spot or two and feel the urge to give old mother nature a swift kick in the stomach. For teenagers, things are a whole lot worse. Between the ages of 12 and 18 life is not that great. Teenagers have to contend with school, spots, hair growing out all over and then not to even speak of what those horrid hormones do to our brains. Hormones seem to take over our bodies and turn us into aliens for more or less five years of torture. There are, however, ways to make this immense suffering slightly easier.
As much as we love those McDonalds burgers and KFC buckets of fried chicken with a large Coke, they do nothing for our bodies. The amount of oils and fats that we consume with sweets, fatty foods and copious amounts of carbs only add to our mood swings and acne ridden complexions. Although it is the less fun option, make the choice to eat fruit each day, drink water and get enough sleep. This can greatly aid you in the fight against temper tantrums and mood swings. Both males and females suffer from hormonal changes on their journey to becoming adults and a simple change in diet as well as getting some exercise will help to manage these difficulties.

8. Be Kind to Others

Ok, so there’s this rumour going around about the new kid and it’s simply too hilarious to not pass along. Completely understandable when you’re a teenager trying desperately to fit in with those giggling around you. However, no matter which way you look at this there is no justification for ridiculing each other. Bullying and making fun of our peers begins at a very young age and we all fall victim to it at some point. Whether our older brother is making fun of us or our friends laugh at our choice of new sneakers, which our mom promised us was cool; there is no excuse for passing this behaviour on. As a high school student, nobody expects of you to run around defending those being made fun of.
But, you do have the choice to keep quiet rather than adding fuel to the fire. Should you feel daring, perhaps you could even offer a kind word or smile to that poor soul when you pass them in the hallway. You do not have to go around smiling at all of your classmates each day, but when the choice arises between being cruel and keeping quite: choose to be quiet. At times offer some kindness to those around you, as you never know what they are going through in their own lives. Smile, be patient and care about others. You never know when you may need someone to do the same for you.

9. Don’t shy away from your Teachers

Let’s face it: nobody wants to ask a question in the middle of a Maths lessons where the teacher is already irritated due to the class clown having pulled some joke yet again. Why would we draw attention to ourselves when our classmates have a full view of the massacre that is sure to be the result of you raising your hand at this most inopportune of moments?
Should you not feel comfortable to ask questions in class make a note of your current issue and speak to your teacher after the lesson. Not only will you be out of the line of fire, but you will be able to get a personalised answer and you may even build a good work rapport with your teacher. Keep in mind that throughout the turbulence of high school you still need to understand your work so that you may leave one day and enter into the afterlife that is adulthood.

10. What Truly Matters

This is perhaps the most vital piece of wisdom that I can share with you. As a teenager, we all feel that we are being continuously monitored and evaluated by our friends and peers. However, this simply is not the case. Yes, we have to consider what to wear on casual days and how we perform both academically and on the sports field. But, and this is the shocking part, we are not actually under some “Hunger Games” telescopic dome where our every move is being judged. Nobody really cares whether or not you tripped while running on the hockey field or dropped all your books outside of your locker, rather than in it. The reality is that when we make the choice to live our lives as individuals we afford ourselves the freedom to enjoy our experiences and learn from them as we grow up.
I hope that by sharing these tips I have been able to impart some wisdom to those of you reading this article. I hope it has offered you some form of comfort and even a tool or two to add to your survival kit for teenage life. If there is one final bit of advice I can add it will be something that I learnt only after my teenage years, which I wish I had realized sooner. Be true to yourself. Look at who you are and stand up for what you feel. There is a life after the abyss and it is the most satisfying of feelings to have found yourself. I wish for all of you to find yourselves soon, but remember to enjoy the path that gets you there.
By Carla-Mari Moore

September Newsletter

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Spring Quest Warriors

The spring quest is jam packed full of workshops and adventure. Our Warriors have participated in the Jeep Warrior race, and done fantastically well, had a brief visit to Sun City, survived the survival exercise for 4 days and helped organize a fundraising dinner. Next they are off to the Cape to experience skydiving, White water rafting, a cultural experience on Robben Island, 4 day wild coast hike and so much more. For all the up to date happenings like our Facebook page or subscribe to our Youtube channel for all the daily updates.

Enrolments for 2016

Interest in the 2016 Warriors program is rapidly gaining momentum especially as the innovations for next year add great value to the Quests. We will be visiting Cornwall Hill in Pretoria on 17 September and Uplands High School in Nelspruit on 14 October to offer parents an opportunity to learn more about the Warriors program.

Wall banner

How to Survive Final Exams

A positive mind can be a motivational booster to help reduce exam stress. Follow the guidelines below to help encourage your brain to adopt this attitude and reap success in your final exam.

What you already know

1. Plan your Success
. With exams taking place soon you need to have a study schedule planned.

2. Review your Study Notes
. By testing you on the whole years work, examiners will be able to assess the overall ability of the student. Flashcards can help with definitions, terms and help you review your exam notes before exams.

3. Reduce Clutter. 
As you will need to study all topics covered during the school year, creating mind maps will help reduce the wording. When creating a mind map you should use keywords and relate them in a way your brain understands.

4. Strengthen your Memory Skills. 
By recalling the work learnt you will strengthen your memory, build confidence and motivate yourself to study longer.

5. Read Carefully. 
On the day, exam nerves can play a role in how you read your questions. Be sure to read your questions carefully and jot down some notes to help you with your final answer.

Some new tricks.

If none of the standard test jitters advice works for you then try some of the tips below.

  • Don’t forget your rabbit’s foot
. If there is a special something that helps calm you, then take it with you regardless of what your fellow students say.
  • Relax with your favorite music
. Listen to any music that will either pump you up for your exam or relax you. Your choice in music is up to you.
  • Imagine your fellow test takers naked
. If it works while giving a speech, why will it not work during an exam? Bit of old school advice. Just don’t get carried away with your visualisation.
  • Pamper yourself. 
After all your hard work studying and remaining calm and collect during your exam, go and treat yourself. An afternoon at the mall, a cup of coffee after your test.
Warriors take on the Jeep race.
Warriors take on the Jeep race.

Why choose a Warriors Academy Gap Year

A recent article in the UK Independent newspaper, is quite scathing in the efforts of schools to give students the right preparation for life after school. “Schools are too focused on exam results and don’t prepare students for the workplace”, are the headlines, and this is not the first time one has heard this cry. A number of influential educationalists in the UK have been saying this for quite some time now.

A recent survey by the Career Colleges Trust polled 1000 students and 1000 parents with the result that 76 per cent of pupils said their school trains them just to pass exams and get good grades rather than preparing them for the world of work. This begs the question that in our efforts here in South Africa, to imitate the UK educational system and our capacity to see it as the holy grail of teaching, is this perhaps why there is a noticeable dropout rate of high achieving school academics from some of the top institutions in the country.

The article in questions suggests the lack of vocational skills as being the root of the problem. I am suggesting that it’s more than this, that there is a lack of old fashioned “grit” and powerful peer and parental pressure to commit to courses seen as important by others, which contributes to this malaise. Perhaps giving a young school leaver a bit of time out to explore the real world and to have to face the realities of lifestyle unsupported by adoring and interfering parents, within relatively secure but challenging environment is not such a bad idea.

This is where the value of a structured GAP year needs consideration and may offer much of those life skills that schools often neglect. The key is not doing anything different but doing more of it. By using the traditional concepts of a Gap Year, Warriors is helping individuals figure out their future paths by providing a broader view of the world around them. By exposing individuals to as many options as possible and creating a meaningful Gap Year, Warriors has developed an attractive hybrid GAP program. The part that is interesting is that this is what Gap Years started out as, a fundamental break that allows individuals to question and then answer their potential choices without confusing influences.

As colleges and universities are churning out thousands of well-qualified, rounded and intelligent individuals, you need something to make you stand out from the crowd.

With over 12 years experience in the Gap year industry, Warriors academy has taken a gap year from fun to totally awesome. We ensure individuals are equipped to face a constantly changing world with less stress and much more success!

An ideal GAP program, like Warriors, integrates personal growth, emotional maturity, adventure and preparation for the workplace, community outreach, a meaningful eco experience and an engaging cultural exploration. Endorsement for such programs such as this is attracting increasing support from high-end universities and colleges.

As a parent you have successfully got your child through the rigorousness of school exams but now you have another question on your mind “ Is my child emotionally ready for the world and all of its challenges?” A well-structured year out can be part of a lifelong education process and can make a significant contribution to an individual’s personal development.

“For the adventure of being alive”

Conservation Awareness

Be part of the journey, be part of the solution.

Our Warriors took to the streets earlier this year to raise money for Race Against Time (RAT) and raised over R8000.00. Race Against Time (RAT) is an epic challenge taken on by three men, in pursuit of creating awareness of the plight of our rhino, and raising money to help build a rhino orphanage. Their goal is to break the world record, traveling by road from Cape Town to London, driving day and night, through 2 continents, 17 countries, 30 000km, obeying the rules of the road along the way, in order to get to London in under 10 days 13 hours and 28 minutes. You can track their progress on Race Against Time website.

Race Against Time
Race Against Time

Jump start the rest of your life

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It’s September already and winter is all but over. Matric students are preparing themselves for the most significant series of assessments they have yet to experience. These results will play a major role in determining their future careers and life choices. This does give one pause for reflection and I’m reminded of a story about a young man who was enrolling on the first day of a university course. 

Stretching ahead was seven years of training that would eventually earn him a medical degree and the opportunity to work in the career he’d always wanted. 

As he stood in the enrolment line he sparked up a conversation with an elderly gentleman standing behind him in the queue. Both men agreed that becoming a doctor was something they’d always dreamed of.  The young man couldn’t help commenting on the old man’s age. ‘If you don’t mind me asking,’ he enquired, ‘how old are you?’

’I’m seventy-three,’ beamed the old man. The young man looked amazed. ‘But that means in seven years’ time, when you qualify, you’ll be eighty!’ The old man beamed again. ‘Young fellow,’ he said, ‘in seven years’ time I’ll be eighty, whether I live my dream or not.’

This prompts the question, do we surrender our dreams too easily, and do we easily bow to peer or parental pressure and become that individual that others want us to be and not whom we want to be. Does procrastination destroy our purpose because we have a fear of nonconformity and drift into a dreamless life pursued by the haunting visions of what might have been, had we been given the freedom to chose our own destiny and chase a preferred future?

Perhaps part of reaching the dream is to be given the time and space to distill the vision of a future that you want, free of restrictive influences that limit your capacity to shape a destiny that you determine and not determined by the people around you. That is why a year out between school and University is tremendously beneficial to young adults. Something for those soon to be school leavers and parents to give some thought to.

* Source: The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager (Capstone, 2015). (BTW: it’s a recommended read for any teenagers that you might know…)

Art of being a brilliant teenager
Art of being a brilliant teenager